Welcome to Vision International School.

We encourage you to take the time to explore our program and to discover for yourself why VIS has become one of Qatar’s leading international schools.
Our campus is enormous and extraordinary. It has plenty of natural light, creative spaces for learning, comfortable classrooms, a well-resourced library, science and art labs, designer furniture, and a pleasant cafeteria.

We have outstanding teachers, and ongoing teacher development and training remain one of the most important goals of VIS. Thanks to the dedication, commitment, and professionalism of the VIS faculty, leadership, and staff, we have gained membership with the Council for International Schools (CIS), and we earned the Middle States Association for Schools and Colleges Accreditation.

Since we opened our doors eight years ago, VIS has grown to become a complete American curriculum, a gender-separate international school committed to the academic, social, and emotional development of our students. We understand that the social and emotional growth of our students is critical to their academic achievement. ALL STUDENTS CAN LEARN!

We are committed to every student’s high academic achievement, and we engage students in learning with dynamic pedagogical approaches and Project-Based Learning. We are explicit and intentional to engage our students in a wide range of learning experiences and opportunities to cultivate their capacity to grow their knowledge and skills, understand and transfer big ideas, and apply their learning to produce innovative solutions to problems to make our world better. We are committed to developing local leaders and global learners. Through a gradual release of responsibility, we facilitate our students to self-direct and self-regulate as lifelong learners; we guide them to learn.

We maintain a healthy student-to-teacher ratio and focus on our ability to differentiate according to everyone’s needs. Our intimate classroom settings allow teachers to fully understand each child’s learning style – strengths and areas requiring additional support. The partnership between school and home is vital to the success of our program, and we rely on strong communication with parents to accomplish this.

We embrace our responsibility to help prepare students for the transition to college and careers of their choice.

I am passionate about the importance of education. Vision International School strives for continuous growth as an exemplar model of research-evidence and innovative best practice learning and instruction.

I am looking forward to helping you learn more about how VIS education fits with the academic, social, and emotional goals you have for your child.

Please take a moment to call the school to schedule a visit with me to show you all our school has to offer!

Warm Regards.

Brian Kissman

Head of School