Our Middle School students learn in an interactive and integrated learning environment with a focus on the interrelationships of the core curriculum, fine arts, lifetime health, and education with a local, regional and global perspective. Our primary goal is to help students begin to consolidate their learning in a manner that will help them develop personal responsibility, integrity and intellectual character. Additionally, students will be provided with opportunities to navigate the journey from childhood to preadolescence in a safe, secure, and respectful environment.

Students are expected to enter the middle school program with a strong foundational education in reading and writing, a solid grasp of content and concepts in Mathematics and Science and Social Studies. They should also be able to make responsible decisions that demonstrate their ability towards becoming independent learners and productive members of our school community. We will work with students and parents in partnership to help them broaden and deepen their knowledge and understanding in core academic content areas and to further develop and refine their communication skills – both intra and interpersonal. The learning environment will provide opportunities to apply their knowledge, skills, talents, and interests intellectually and physically both individually and collaboratively. These learning experiences are intended to enhance their competence and tolerance for diversity of opinions and approaches to solution finding, and to teach a variety of ways of problem solving through applying their knowledge and skills to life experiences.

As educators we will focus our learning design on the skills of communication, and how to apply thinking skills to problem-based learning situations. We will provide activities that support individual learning styles and work collaboratively to design individualized and group learning processes to strengthen the foundational education for each student. The Fine and Performing Arts, with a specific emphasis on local and regional Qatari/Arabic culture, will be integrated throughout the curriculum to highlight and facilitate learning and to celebrate our host country’s culture. Technology tools will be utilized and integrated throughout the middle school curriculum in a more sophisticated manner to help students use this resource to enhance their ability to learn independently and to use these tools responsibly. Our focus will help students discover a better understanding of their strengths and talents on their journey towards realizing their potential. The expeditionary learning model of culture and community-based education will be utilized to help students develop a broader and refined understanding of the local and regional areas as well as the world in which they live.