Our students in Grades 1-5 learn through an individualized learning and thinking approach within a rich language and fine arts environment. Our expeditionary learning focus helps students to develop their understanding of the concept of community and the importance of effective teamwork and communication skills along with problem solving as critical thinking. All learning takes place within a school community focused on developing independent learning skills through self-discovery, collaboration and service to others. An emphasis on reading and writing literacy integrated throughout all subjects, a strong foundation in mathematics concepts and skills, the creation of a broad knowledge base and understanding of Science and Social Studies along with an evolving appreciation of Lifetime Health and the Fine and Performing Arts comprise the Elementary School curriculum. Information technology will be utilized throughout the curriculum in various forms to help them learn how to utilize these learning tools in a responsible manner and to develop information and technological literacy.

We will build on students’ strengths, abilities and interests, teaching them how to think, not what to think. We will work collaboratively to design individual and group learning processes and activities for students to share ideas and work together to help create a strong foundational education for each child. Students will learn about the culture of the region through

challenging and integrated arts elements within content subjects, leading them towards an understanding of diversity within the local community, geographic region and eventually the world. Educators will provide sequenced learning at the appropriate level of growth for each learner. These opportunities will be provided in a respectful, collaborative and inclusive environment to foster the creation of a core body of knowledge, the learning of and ability to apply learning/thinking skills, and student responsibility for learning, with parents as partners in the process.