Vision International School Objectives:

  • Provide a wide range of experiences and programs that actively engage students and promote their growth intellectually, physically, aesthetically and socially while developing a depth of character that exhibits empathy, a sense of service, moral courage, and humility.
  • Spark a passion in students to learn and to become intensely immersed in education as its own reward.  This is accomplished by the provision of student-centered learning experiences that are real and relevant to the student, and under the guidance of caring, professional teachers that recognize each child as a unique individual.
  • Instill global citizenship by celebrating the culture and traditions of Qatar and other countries of the world.  By experiencing the world through the eyes of others, and recognizing our similarities and differences, students become more grounded in their own culture, values, and traditions while gaining a broader understanding and appreciation of human diversity.
  • Recognize the unique learning needs of each student and provide an appropriately rigorous program for all. Differentiated learning establishes expectations that challenge all students to grow beyond their boundaries under the guidance of a teaching faculty that deeply understands the unique educational needs and capabilities of every child.
  • Use technology appropriately as a natural extension to enhance learning opportunities.  Students are exposed to and engaged in the use of technology on a regular basis as a means to expand their classroom experience and provide them new opportunities for self-expression and discovery.