We believe that parents are the first teachers of their children. As teachers, our role is to partner with parents to provide the best possible learning opportunity for each child. We encourage our students to explore and learn in a developmentally appropriate environment by building on their knowledge base, skill development and understanding of their world in conjunction with fostering each child’s personal learning needs and style. Our program for young learners is grounded in the importance of self-discovery through play. We provide numerous learning activities in a sequenced manner to allow students to discover their learning interests and strengths within a safe, flexible, and respectful learning environment.

We will focus on what students are able to do and what they enjoy within the learning process. The Creative Curriculum goals and objectives form the basis of our Early Childhood program. Opportunities to nurture learning will be provided based on the appropriateness to the developmental age, needs and level of growth of each learner. These opportunities will be provided in a respectful, caring and empathetic environment with parents as partners in the learning.

Our curriculum focuses on ten interest areas or activities in the program environment: blocks home corner, table toys, art, sand and water, library corner, music and movement, cooking, computers, and the outdoors. The creative curriculum supports teachers to engage and guide children at different developmental levels to facilitate learning.

All Early Childhood students will have their progress reported during each semester in conjunction with formal parent/teacher conferences occurring mid-way through the first and second half of the school year. Individualized goals for children are also incorporated into programming and assessment and are an important part of parent conferences.