Vision International School is a separate gender school that is a highly regarded college preparatory program in Qatar. We are an American curriculum-based high school, referencing the AERO & Common Core Standards, Next Generation Science Standards, and other carefully selected international standards which form the basic structure of our curriculum. We aim to challenge all students to grow in personal responsibility and academic initiative in preparation for college and career.

We are a full high school with a growing number of course offerings and graduated our first group of seniors in the spring of 2019. We are approved by the College Board to offer Advanced Placement (AP) courses and are working to expand our program each year. In addition, we offer college credits through higher-level courses in partnership with State University of NY. We have a strong career Pathways Program for Business Studies and Mass Communications.

At VIS, high school students are immersed in rigorous, 21st century learning environments through carefully crafted curriculum, skillfully designed data-driven instruction, and meaningful assessments.

The VIS high school students are guided to take responsibility for their learning by engaging in research, self-directed learning and utilizing technology in all subjects. High school students may utilize MacBooks provided by the school but are highly encouraged to bring their own device as this is preparation for their postsecondary experience and is a requirement of most universities and colleges.

VIS places a strong emphasis on communication. Parent-Teacher Conferences are held each semester, and student progress may be monitored by parents online through PowerSchool throughout the year. The school also communicates with parents through monthly newsletters, emails, text messages, and school meetings. School counselors are available at VIS to assist students in academic scheduling, career planning, and confidential individual counseling, as well as registering for college admission testing such as SAT, ACT and IELTS.

VIS High School has a dedicated Science lab for each gender. Students use state of the art equipment and online resources to investigate ideas and concepts developed in class, which prepare them for scientific investigation and problem solving. 

VIS High School students participate in Qatar’s annual Model United Nations (MUN) conference as well as other international MUN conferences. MUN is a forum for engaged high school students to debate current global issues and gain insight into the world of international politics and policy-making. Each year Qatar MUN welcomes over 350 students from schools around the world to Doha for four days of MUN committee sessions and cultural experiences.

VIS students are developing a strong appreciation for service learning and a desire to make an impact on the world. Service learning is where students identify needs in their immediate or in the global community and then come up with ideas to address the issue(s) while providing the necessary support. Examples of this are the fundraisers that have supported abandoned animals in Qatar as well as the collections made on behalf of victims of natural disasters such as the earthquakes in Syria and Turkey.

“Shaping local leaders and global learners”