The faculty of VIS are carefully selected from the best available teachers around the world. Our faculty is of the
highest caliber and demonstrates a commitment and a passion for fostering global citizenship. We strive to recruit
teachers with prior experience teaching in North American curriculum schools who possess strong interdisciplinary skills
and a collaborative style along with the ability to excite students about learning, exploration, and discovery. Our
teachers demonstrate a commitment to life-long learning and global education.

VIS faculty are committed to ongoing professional development, providing personalized instruction, and presenting a
child-centered, stimulating academic program. In addition, they actively promote the social and emotional well-being of
every child in their care. Our school is a warm, friendly environment for children overseen by a caring, engaged
faculty. VIS is committed to providing an organized, ongoing professional development program for its teachers to ensure
that up-to-date educational practices are continually made available to the students of VIS. For information about
working at VIS, please see the Employment Page

Abdulhudha, Ruzna Teacher
Adam, Mohamed Teacher
Adam, Nasreen Teacher
Agha, Dina Teacher
Ahmad, Esraa Teacher
Ahmed, Fatimah Teacher
Al Abbassy, Fatin Teacher
Al Bader, Anoud Teacher
Al Chami, Rebecca Teacher
Al Gharaibeh, Bara’ah Teacher
Al Khaldy, Rajaa Said Ha Teacher
Alhasan, Alaa Teacher
Ali, Qasim Teacher
Ali, Samar Teacher
Alshamery, Abdul Teacher
Alshishani, Omar Teacher
Amer, Dina Teacher
Anderson, Gabrielle Teacher
Anjaria, Urvi Teacher
Arende, Angela Teacher
Armstrong, Jenny Teacher
Barsim, Lamia’a Teacher
Bealcu, Petronella Teacher
Boogere, Ivan Teacher
Botha, Janine Teacher
Boraik, Wael Teacher
Bridgenum, Monisha Teacher
Brits, Chivonne Teacher
Cassim, Bilkish Teacher
Chelali, Nessrine Teacher
Ciccolella, Mike Teacher
Cirlan, Maria-Magdalena Teacher
Clarke, Zoe Elsbeth Teacher
Dahrouj, Saeed Teacher
Dela Cruz, Lilia Teacher
Diraviam, Lucy Teacher
Edano, Ruthchelle Teacher
Eid, Vanessa Teacher
Enslin, Allete Jonelle Teacher
Eybers, Natasha Teacher
Feyad, Rajaa Teacher
Frederick, Sajana Teacher
Gwaki, Jenet Teacher
Hallam, Jodi Teacher
Hassan, Ali Teacher
Henderson, Nicole Teacher
Henrico, Chanté Teacher
Hussein, Mohammed Teacher
Icabales, Rossana Garcia Teacher
Idris, Rania Teacher
Karugu, Nelly Teacher
Khalaf, Hadeel Teacher
Khushik, Najum Teacher
Kouki, Hajer Teacher
Leonardo, Donna Liza Teacher
Limalia, Aadilah Teacher
Loutfi, Ahmed Loutfi Teacher
Manikram, Chenese Teacher
Mansour, Fatma Ben Teacher
Mathlouthi, Hanen Teacher
Matic, Jane Teacher
Mead, Cathy Teacher
Mehrez, Imen Teacher
Meramria, Ilhem Teacher
Mohammed, Arwa Teacher
Mohammed, Ola Teacher
Molhem, Kenda Teacher
Morina, Ardiana Teacher
Mustafa, Dina Teacher
Naidoo, Kirana Teacher
Ntakouvanou, Christina Teacher
Opon, Cecilia Teacher
Peni, Qendresa Teacher
Perucatti, Chrysten Teacher
Pillay, Thamika Teacher
Pillay, Thirusha Teacher
Pilota, Christine Mae Ba Teacher
Porter, Toria Teacher
Prpa, Nichola Counselor
Radwan, Salma Teacher
Rheede, Natasha Teacher
Roberts, Roshna Teacher
Sackey, Alberta Teacher
Saidani, Mourad Teacher
Salihagic, Admir Teacher
Salihagic, Merjem Counselor
Shichenko, Galina Teacher
Selestine, Wevelyn Somej Teacher
Senger, Rehab Teacher
Sharma, Sonal Teacher
Singh, Nudine Teacher
Singh, Selena Teacher
Slatter, Annelien Teacher
St. Cyr, Giovandre Teacher
Stevenson, Veronica Lee Teacher
Syla, Albana Teacher
Toumi, Fidel Teacher
Turani, Razan Teacher
Yumba, Christian Teacher
Ziad, Ahmed Teacher