VIS Advisory builds a stronger community with shared values that are represented and modeled by all members of VIS in and outside the school.


The Advisory Program at VIS uses the school’s vision and mission as guiding principles to foster a school community wherein all students should feel welcomed, respected, appreciated and supported. In advisory, our students develop their intrapersonal, interpersonal, and leadership skills through fun activities, mentorship, and introduction to service learning.  Students are empowered to lead on activities that enhance their growth and development. 

Essential Agreements

  • Advisory is an opportunity for teachers to build relationships with students.
  • Advisors act as adult mentors and support their students with academic and non-academic concerns.
  • Advisory is a safe space for students to give their views and opinions. All views and opinions are welcomed and valued.
  • Advisory aims to Integrate all students and foster a sense of belonging.
  • Advisory helps students grow their self awareness, self confidence and self reliance. 
  • Advisory helps students improve individual and social responsibility.
  • Advisory is an opportunity to consider the direct link between a student’s emotional and social experience and academic achievement.
  • During advisory, students will build on social-emotional skills through engaging activities.