Frequently Asked Questions

  • Admissions Policy
    Students are admitted to VIS regardless of race, gender, nationality or religion provided they meet all the admission requirements as outlined in this policy. Applications for admission are accepted throughout the year, and VIS seeks to accept qualified students who meet our admission requirements, provided seats are available. Admissions assessment tests are conducted according to the timeline set out by the Ministry of Education. Note: The receipt and completion of the VIS application form does NOT secure a student’s acceptance into VIS. Admission is subject to the candidate meeting all admission requirements and seats being available. Applications are only dated as received when all of the supporting documentation has been provided. Please see our Admissions Application form for more details about our Admissions Policy.
  • Admissions Team
  • Admissions Testing
    Our detailed Admissions Process can be found here and explains our testing policies. Students are expected to arrive on time for an Admissions test. In the case of late arrivals, students/families may be requested to reschedule the test as our teachers’ time is limited in terms of testing availability.
  • Admissions Application Form
    Please come and visit us in person to collect an Admissions packet, or if you prefer you may apply online here using our online form.
  • Application Deadlines
    Please refer to our Admissions timeline here. Specific dates vary from year to year, in accordance with the Ministry of Education requirements, however this will give you a guide to our application deadlines.
  • Bus Transport
    Please complete the online bus transport request form here, or come and meet with our Facilities management team on campus.
  • Contact information
    To contact Admissions, please see this link.
  • Curriculum
    VIS follows an American curriculum. A curriculum outline is available on our website here. For detailed information, you may wish to contact the school to arrange an appointment with our Curriculum Director.
  • Fees
    Our fees are approved annually by the Ministry of Education. Please find the current fee structure here.
  • Plus Portals
    You may login to your PlusPortal account here, or for more information or for help with technical issues, please contact our IT department.
  • Re-enrollment
    A letter is sent to parents annually to remind them of the need to re-enroll their children in order to guarantee their seat for the following year. The 2017/18 letter was sent home in April, and a copy can be requested from the Admissions Office at any time.
  • School Hours
    Regular school hours are as follows: PreK-KG2: 7:15am - 12:15pm Grades 1-12: 7:15am - 2:15pm An amended schedule is in place for Ramadan hours, and this is advised to parents closer to the time.
  • Stationery List
    Annual stationery fees are charged at 1,000 QAR per student per year.  These fees are optional but the supplies are required for each student.  Parents can opt to pay the stationery fee or commit to providing every item listed on the required stationery list prior to the start of the third week of the school year. Please refer to the VIS Stationery List for the required items.
  • Uniform
    Details of the VIS uniform are outlined here. Students are not required to purchase their uniform from the suggested supplier, and parents may source the uniforms elsewhere if they wish, however they must adhere to the school’s colors and uniform guidelines.
  • Waiting List
    If the desired grade is full, but your child has qualified for admission at VIS, then we may offer a place on our Waiting List, after parents sign the Waiting List Acknowledgement Form. When an opening occurs, such as when an enrolled child withdraws from the school, the Admissions Team will review all applicants on the waiting list for that grade and select the student with the needs of the existing class in mind. The selected student will then be offered admission. Priority will be given to applicants who have siblings currently enrolled at VIS, thereafter students are placed according to academic and admissions priorities and requirements.
  • Withdrawal from VIS
    We are sorry to know that you are considering withdrawing from VIS. We would like the opportunity to discuss this with you further. Please contact the Admissions team. There is a process we need to follow in the case of you withdrawing a student, including the completion of a withdrawal form and settlement of any outstanding fees before we can transfer your child to another school within the MoE system. Please contact us to make these required arrangements.