The faculty of VIS are carefully selected from the best available teachers around the world. Our faculty is of the
highest caliber and demonstrates a commitment and a passion for fostering global citizenship. We strive to recruit
teachers with prior experience teaching in North American curriculum schools who possess strong interdisciplinary skills
and a collaborative style along with the ability to excite students about learning, exploration, and discovery. Our
teachers demonstrate a commitment to life-long learning and global education.

VIS faculty are committed to ongoing professional development, providing personalized instruction, and presenting a
child-centered, stimulating academic program. In addition, they actively promote the social and emotional well-being of
every child in their care. Our school is a warm, friendly environment for children overseen by a caring, engaged
faculty. VIS is committed to providing an organized, ongoing professional development program for its teachers to ensure
that up-to-date educational practices are continually made available to the students of VIS. For information about
working at VIS, please see the Employment Page

Abdulhudha, Ruzna Teacher [email protected]
Adam, Mohamed Teacher [email protected]
Adam, Nasreen Teacher [email protected]
Agha, Dina Teacher [email protected]
Ahmad, Esraa Teacher [email protected]
Ahmed, Fatimah Teacher [email protected]
Al Abbassy, Fatin Teacher [email protected]
Al Bader, Anoud Teacher [email protected]
Al Chami, Rebecca Teacher [email protected]
Al Gharaibeh, Bara’ah Teacher [email protected]
Al Khaldy, Rajaa Said Ha Teacher [email protected]
Alhasan, Alaa Teacher [email protected]
Ali, Qasim Teacher [email protected]
Ali, Samar Teacher [email protected]
Alshamery, Abdul Teacher [email protected]
Alshishani, Omar Teacher [email protected]
Amer, Dina Teacher [email protected]
Anderson, Gabrielle Teacher [email protected]
Anjaria, Urvi Teacher [email protected]
Arende, Angela Teacher [email protected]
Armstrong, Jenny Teacher [email protected]
Barsim, Lamia’a Teacher [email protected]
Bealcu, Petronella Teacher [email protected]
Boogere, Ivan Teacher [email protected]
Botha, Janine Teacher [email protected]
Boraik, Wael Teacher [email protected]
Bridgenum, Monisha Teacher [email protected]
Brits, Chivonne Teacher [email protected]
Cassim, Bilkish Teacher [email protected]
Chelali, Nessrine Teacher [email protected]
Ciccolella, Mike Teacher [email protected]
Cirlan, Maria-Magdalena Teacher [email protected]
Clarke, Zoe Elsbeth Teacher [email protected]
Dahrouj, Saeed Teacher [email protected]
Dela Cruz, Lilia Teacher [email protected]
Diraviam, Lucy Teacher [email protected]
Edano, Ruthchelle Teacher [email protected]
Eid, Vanessa Teacher [email protected]
Enslin, Allete Jonelle Teacher [email protected]
Eybers, Natasha Teacher [email protected]
Feyad, Rajaa Teacher [email protected]
Frederick, Sajana Teacher [email protected]
Gwaki, Jenet Teacher [email protected]
Hallam, Jodi Teacher [email protected]
Hassan, Ali Teacher [email protected]
Henderson, Nicole Teacher [email protected]
Henrico, Chanté Teacher [email protected]
Hussein, Mohammed Teacher [email protected]
Icabales, Rossana Garcia Teacher [email protected]
Idris, Rania Teacher [email protected]
Karugu, Nelly Teacher [email protected]
Khalaf, Hadeel Teacher [email protected]
Khushik, Najum Teacher [email protected]
Kouki, Hajer Teacher [email protected]
Leonardo, Donna Liza Teacher [email protected]
Limalia, Aadilah Teacher [email protected]
Loutfi, Ahmed Loutfi Teacher [email protected]
Manikram, Chenese Teacher [email protected]
Mansour, Fatma Ben Teacher [email protected]
Mathlouthi, Hanen Teacher [email protected]
Matic, Jane Teacher [email protected]
Mead, Cathy Teacher [email protected]
Mehrez, Imen Teacher [email protected]
Meramria, Ilhem Teacher [email protected]
Mohammed, Arwa Teacher [email protected]
Mohammed, Ola Teacher [email protected]
Molhem, Kenda Teacher [email protected]
Morina, Ardiana Teacher [email protected]
Mustafa, Dina Teacher [email protected]
Naidoo, Kirana Teacher [email protected]
Ntakouvanou, Christina Teacher [email protected]
Opon, Cecilia Teacher [email protected]
Peni, Qendresa Teacher [email protected]
Perucatti, Chrysten Teacher [email protected]
Pillay, Thamika Teacher [email protected]
Pillay, Thirusha Teacher [email protected]
Pilota, Christine Mae Ba Teacher [email protected]
Porter, Toria Teacher [email protected]
Prpa, Nichola Counselor [email protected]
Radwan, Salma Teacher [email protected]
Rheede, Natasha Teacher [email protected]
Roberts, Roshna Teacher [email protected]
Sackey, Alberta Teacher [email protected]
Saidani, Mourad Teacher [email protected]
Salihagic, Admir Teacher [email protected]
Salihagic, Merjem Counselor [email protected]
Shichenko, Galina Teacher [email protected]
Selestine, Wevelyn Somej Teacher [email protected]
Senger, Rehab Teacher [email protected]
Sharma, Sonal Teacher [email protected]
Singh, Nudine Teacher [email protected]
Singh, Selena Teacher [email protected]
Slatter, Annelien Teacher [email protected]
St. Cyr, Giovandre Teacher [email protected]
Stevenson, Veronica Lee Teacher [email protected]
Syla, Albana Teacher [email protected]
Toumi, Fidel Teacher [email protected]
Turani, Razan Teacher [email protected]
Yumba, Christian Teacher [email protected]
Ziad, Ahmed Teacher [email protected]